My name is Mackenzie Hawkins and I am 20 years old from Norman, Oklahoma. I earned my psychology degree at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in the Spring of 2015. I am super interested in the growing field of alternative medical remedies and plan on going to med school to become a psychiatrist in the near future.

Although I am part of everyone’s ~favorite~ generation, the millennials, my technology skills are more equivalent to someone born three generations earlier, therefore I am taking the Social Media Tools and Strategies class at Rose State. I am using a PC and I do have current social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but I dedicate most of my social media time to an app called Cutesy, which is similar to Tinder, the online dating app (but instead of swiping through hundreds of people, each profile is dedicated to cute pets around the world). So please bare with me as I try to learn and perfect the world of social media.