How Social Media Is Homogenizating Culture

The US is one of the strongest and most powerful countries in the world, thus making the US the biggest influencer in globalization. Some may argue that globalization has been immensely positive for the world, but I would argue otherwise. And social media has only made it worse.

Global Web Index - legend 2

When you go on to any social media platform, there are thousands of posts by Americans flaunting their beauty and wealth, the American dream. And the most surprising thing is that the US doesn’t even hold the highest number of social media users. Countries all around the world are beginning to adapt to the cultural norms they see online, and in turn, these countries are becoming more Americanized, which is not a good thing.

For instance, Iranian authorities arrested 170 women for posting selfies in which they were dressed in Western fashions and their hair was uncovered. The women were officially charged with “promoting Western promiscuity.” You can’t blame these women, though for trying to go against their culture and tradition. Social media has hypnotized them into believing that they need to look like the photo-shopped women that fill their newsfeeds; and because they are probably addicted to likes and comments, they are probably suffering from the same psychological distresses to their wellbeing as online Americans do.

Businesses, too, have taken advantage of the globalization of social media. Now companies can produce mass media which are sent all over the world and on every media channel. Because of this, countries in Asia, South America, and Africa have created a demand for American products like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, and more. Not only is this replacing traditional cuisines and fashion with ones that are on the rise in the US, it is spreading the love of consumerism that rules the lives of many Americans. Soon, it won’t be just greedy Americans buying into all the latest trends; consumerism will take over the world and with it the desperate feeling of never fulfilling the need for more.

American culture is very new, yet due to the fact that social media is allowing it to spread beyond physical boarders, American culture will ultimately take over and replace many traditions that have been around for thousands of years. However, American children have the highest chance of growing up with severe anxiety and low self-esteem due to the pressures of American culture. One can only assume that the globalization of American culture is spreading these problems to online users around the world trying to mimic the American lifestyle.

Social media usage continues to grow, so it is likely that American culture will continue to takeover more and more cultures. It is weird to think of a day where there is a universal culture that mirrors American culture, but with the way things are looking, it may not be all that impossible.



Check out this video for a little more about the negative effects of globalization


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