Psychology Tips to Boost Marketing Efforts

Businesses have been utilizing social media since the beginning of the internet. One of the first sites that allowed online interaction between people via forums where they could share files and electronic messages around the world was CompuServe which began as a mainframe communication system specifically for businesses. CompuServe quickly found
its way to the public domain which then sparked the evolution of social media.Soon sites like Friendster and MySpace were created which changed the social media world completely by allowing members to create personal profiles. Today, sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest rule the social media world and billions of people world-wide visit these sites daily, making them the perfect medium for growing a business.

Social media usage is at an all-time high; it seems like everyone and their dog has an online profile. Almost every business has a page on a social media platform as well, thus potential customers are constantly being exposed to competitors. That means in order to grow your business, you must stand out from the crowd so that users will chose your company over the competition. You’re probably thinking something like “That doesn’t seem too hard; I’ll just add lots of colors and exclamation points so I catch the eye of potential customers and call it a day.” But it goes a lot deeper than that. Although you are sitting in front of a computer screen, you have to remember that you are still interacting with people, and what makes us different from any other species is the power of our minds.

Thus, to ensure you are optimizing your marketing strategies, you must bring in a little bit of psychology. Here are some tips to from the world of psychology that you can use to boost the success of your online marketing.

Tell your business story in a way that it produces an emotional response

Let potential customers know where you began. Evoke sympathy by explaining how you came from poverty and worked your way up the food chain. Or make them laugh by describing the day you and some friends were messing around and accidently created something great. Whatever the story may be, say it in a way that evokes feelings so that they will remember you.

Keep it about the customer

As human beings, we tend to get bored and uninterested when someone is continuously talking about themselves. I hate to admit it, but it’s because we are innately selfish and would rather hear about ourselves. Tailor your posts so that they are about the customer and not the product. For example, instead of saying “this is the best lawn mower ever” say something more along the lines of “you’ll be sure to have the best lawn on the street with our lawn mower.” In addition to making the customer the focus, make sure the page is simple and straight forward so that they can maneuver it with ease and comfortable on your page and make each experience personal for the customer. Therefore, you must know your customer and let them know that you know them.

Let them know that your product can solve their problems

Usually when you read a product description, you’ll find all the features the product has. Instead, descriptions should list all the benefits your product has. For instance, instead of saying “this vacuum has an extendable nozzle that reaches up to six feet” say something like “get those hard to reach areas like under the couch with the six foot extendable nozzle.” By doing this, you’re showing them how your product will make their life easier, rather than how fancy the product is. Thus, you are connecting the product to their life which will make the product more appealing.

Showcase social proof that your company is better than the others

People will always more likely to invest in a product if they see others doing the same, because if someone is buying the product, then it must be the right option so show them that it is the right option. This can be done in numerous ways. One way is to add customer reviews and ratings to your products to make them more trustworthy. Another type of social proof is find someone who is influential in the social media world and hire them to promote your product. A third way to boost social proof is to add testimonies to your home page so that the customer sees a satisfied customer right off the bad and feels more comfortable with your products. Lastly, emphasize any  products that are becoming scarce, because a product won’t sell out unless people are buying it.

Build Customer Loyalty

When you make the customer feel special, they are more likely to buy from you again. The best way to ensure your customers stick with you is to engage with them. Let them know about sales ahead of time or send them promotional coupons. You can also build loyalty by providing rewards programs or deals on products for returning customers. Let them know that their business is valued. On the other hand, try to also engage with competitors customers. Look for when times a customer talks about how they were dissatisfied by the other company’s product and shoot them a quick message to let them know that your company can do better. Even just liking a post where your competitor falls short will lure them in by making them feel more important to you than to the other company. The main goal is to keep customers satisfied.

An Intent Lab Infographic accompanying the DSI Index report

When you utilize these tips that appeal to the psychology behind the ideal business page, your customer base is sure to grow. Never forget that each customer is an individual and aim to provide an online experience that convinces the customer that your company is just what they need and you’re business will succeed beyond what you could have imagined.

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