Immortality via the Internet

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: what goes on the internet never leaves in the internet. Hate to say it, but that, my friend, is very true. So by making social media profiles with your pictures and filling out “about me” descriptions, you can then become immortal! Weird to think about, right? So no, you don’t need to go searching for the fountain of youth, you just need reliable access to the internet!

To make yourself immortal is actually quite easy. All you have to do is upload  pictures of yourself and expressing who you are with posts that you share on your social media profiles. You are basically sharing your identity with the online world, a world that is much bigger than your neighborhood or town. Your posts are like small windows that show viewers insights into your world and these windows will collectively build your reputation which becomes permanent within the internet. Facebook has even gone as far as to freeze profiles of those who have passed away so that their page can’t be changed or deleted. Everything that you have ever posted online is stored somewhere on the internet and will be there for eternity- or at least until the internet crashes.

You are not the only thing that can become immortal, though. Social media profiles are not always just a profile of you; you can create pages that embody a whole organization, such as social movements, businesses, or even scientific discoveries, in order to spread your legacy. By sharing your legacy to the online world, you are giving it the permanence of the internet. Because everything is becoming more and more digitalized, your legacy will have a greater impact on a larger audience and can be found for years and years to come. For instance, you can go to the Black Lives Matter Facebook page and learn about the movement and how you can help them achieve their goals of equality and one day if  when we finally reach equality, our children can go back to the page to look at the struggle American Americans faced even in 2016. This used to only be possible through print and books don’t last forever. Now every new social movement, cultural sensation, slang words, and more that have made it to social media can never be forgotten.

Due to the fact that your profiles can come up simply by putting your name in an search engine, it is extremely important that the things you chose to share are representative of how you want people to see you. Thus before posting something scandalous, you must always keep in mind that that rebellious young adult will follow you everywhere you go: when you’re thirty, fifty, eighty, and even when your time ends on this earth. And what happens when your grandchild decides to Google your name one day and all those “sexy” pictures you shared pop up?

Here is an infograph with a few quick tips to ensure that you protect your immortal online reputation

The ultimate guide to monitoring your online reputation



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