The Importance of Social Media

Social Media is such a big part of today’s society and almost everyone partakes in the on
line experience. In my earlier post Social Media: the 21st Century’s Most Popular Drug, I gave a little insight on the negative side of social media; some people may get so into their
41ZdkMd-rrL._AC_US160_social media accounts that they are missing out on the physical world. According to Phil Cooke’s book Unique, social media can also be a beneficial tool to help spread messages around the world and here is how:

Social Media Brings Messages to a Larger Audience

Before social media, messages were spread by word-of-mouth, print, and radio broadcasts, but the size of the audience that receives the message is limited and confined. Through social media, however, the same messages can be shared much quicker and reach many more people because others can send the message out to their followers who may share it to their follows and so on. Not only are the audiences larger, but they are more diverse because social media is used around the world. Thus, your information can spread so much faster.

Social Media Allows you to Connect with People

There are still some companies that go door-to-door or use telemarketing to try to sell various products, but that takes so much time and may require many people. But with social media, you can bring that brand to anyone at anytime. You can even target certain people to connect with by seeing what kind of things they are interested in or talk about on their pages. Therefore, you’re more likely to be reaching potential customers and not aimlessly knocking on doors or calling number after number.

You can get more Attention via Social Media

Like I talked about in my earlier post, people spend more time on social media than they do face-to-face interactions. When social media is utilized correctly, you can get the attention of people easier and you’re also able to hold that attention much longer.

Social Media Provides Endless Possibilities to Spread Messages

People are able to talk about whatever they want whenever they want. Thus, their social media profiles become very personalized. You can then look at what kind of person they are and tailor your message to reach that person on a more personal level. When the message is personalized, then they are more likely to respond positively and may even spread that message to their followers too.

Social Media Allows Messages to be Interactive

Say you’re driving on the highway and you see a billboard featuring an ad for a concert you really want to see and you want all your friends to know about it too. But you can’t just take that billboard and bring it to them and driving all your friends out to see the billboard is a time consuming and requires some effort. Ads via social media can be spread simply by pressing a button.

Social Media can be Influential

Because ads can be so personalized and can reach larger audiences, it is way more influential in people’s lives than a radio ad or a flier. Plus, when someone sees someone that they follow endorsing a certain product, they are more likely yo use that product as well.

Social Media is Immediate

Ads can be spread in less than a second via social media while ads may take days, or even weeks, to reach people via other methods.

Social Media is Good for the Environment

There is a lot less paper used when messages are spread through social media, thus the environment is a little better off in the end.


So although you may think social media is just to keep up with friends or family, it is actually a great place to spread ideas and messages to more people more effectively with less time and effort. When social media advertising is used correctly, brands can grow tremendously and quickly.





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