The Modern Day Fairytale

Once upon a time, on August 14, 1995, a princess was born in the southern town of Tyler, Texas (which probably explains why she is such a bad driver). Her name is Mackenzie Hawkins. Mackenzie was a very smart child and spent most of her time playing with her 50 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, 2 cats, and little brother. She is part of the small percentage of people who have never been bit by a mosquito. When Mackenzie is not studying or working, she is traveling. As a matter of fact, she just recently got back from a month in Costa Rica and Panama!

On the outside, it seemed as though Mackenzie had the perfect life. However, her father was very sick; he suffered from the most toxic of illnesses, one that turns its victims into monsters and ultimately consumes their mind and ends their life. Experts call the illness Addiction. Although the illness was killing him, Mackenzie’s father never received the proper care he needed to get better, nor would he seek it out. One day her mother decided that she had had enough abuse and took Mackenzie and her brother to live with their grandmother.

She watched her father lose time and time again to addiction, and hated that she could never do anything to help him so Mackenzie decided to devote her life to helping others. When she graduated high school in 2013, she packed up all her things and moved to Chickasha, Oklahoma to study psychology at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

At USAO, Mackenzie discovered how powerful yet how fragile the human mind is and spent most of her time researching mental disorders, addiction, and alternative treatment options.  Then after three years of all-nighters and red bulls, headaches and tears, and successes and failures, Mackenzie graduated from USAO in the Spring of 2016 with her bachelors of science in psychology.

It is present day now, and Mackenzie plans to eventually become a psychiatrist. But first, she must complete her Social Media Tools and Strategies class at Rose State College so that she can master the world of social media to share her knowledge and grow her network.

So follow Mackenzie as she tries to join the world of psychology to the world of social media.




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